About Us

Schulte Sawmill specialises in Ironbark Decking. Its native to our area meaning our wood travels less distance to you, and; that’s what granddad used.

If you want a deck that will last forever (or almost), then ironbark is what you’re looking for. The timber got its name because of its heaviness and high density. It is a difficult timber to work with due to its density, but has the highest possible durability rating of 1.

Ironbark is a beautiful timber, with colours ranging from pale brown to deep red. Aside from being one of the most durable timbers, ironbark is also highly fire, termite and rot resistant. If you’re looking for pool decking, high traffic areas, or fire resistance for that cabin in the bush, ironbark may be your best choice.

The common name “Ironbark” comes from the trees tendency to not shed its bark annually like many other eucalyptus, resulting in an accumulation of dead bark. This layer of bark protects the living tissue inside the tree from fires, and with a silvery-grey colour looks quite similar to iron metal or slag and hence the name.

There are two main Ironbark families, which are basically “Those that appear red in colour, and those that don’t”. In our region here in SEQ its predominately the reds.

Ironbark is usually seen growing, in both native forests and plantations, in the western area of NSW up to southern QLD, with some trees growing in northern VIC. Our Ironbark comes from the traprock region of QLD, widely sought after for its slow growing and dense properties. Like the country, "Trap rock" region Ironbark is hard wearing. Ironbark has a very high natural resistance to rot due to chemistry of the tree which helps fight off fungus.

The heartwood has a deep red colour which is a great contrast to the pale yellow sapwood. Both heartwood and sapwood are often seen together in decking boards. Ironbark timber has an interlocked grain with a fine texture. Ironbarks popularity is ever increasing with more and more homes using the timber for decks, landscaping and cladding due to its high durability and fire resistance.

A little about our Sawmill

Using locally sourced, high quality, Ironbark timber we can supply lumber custom cut for your special project, with no job too small, or too large.

We are located on the Granite Belt in gorgeous rural Stanthorpe on the Southern Downs Region in Queensland, Australia.

We have grown rapidly over the past few years and are continually reinvesting in new machinery, and expanding our storage facilities to cater for ever changing needs of our customers. We understand that our customers want to get on with their projects, and will endeavour to source stock you need …. when you need it..

We are a small family owned business that prides ourselves on proving that personal customer service.

Sample Ironbark Hardwood Steppers

If you are looking for a Moulding profile that you just can't find anywhere else, you have come to the right place.  We have old style moulds and if required  we can match any profile you may need.  Simply drop us a line, send us your moulding profile, and we can give you a quote for what you require.

General lead time is around 2 weeks, but that is always dependent on what is required.  Our dedicated staff are ready to help with any questions you have.

We specialise in the following Ironbark Hardwood & Cypress Pine products:

• Slabbing • Decking • Flooring • Moulding • Certified Structural Lumber